Art Related Links

Art Supply Depo

You make artwork locally, so why not support local art supply stores?  Jules Webster works tirelessly to support local art and artists and has been a great supporter of FOCUS.  Her workshops vary from elementary to secondary to adult-level offerings as well.  Look for more announcements from the Art Supply Depo as we work towards FOCUS 2013 Jurying in May.

Wednesday Night Figure Drawing

As many know, I have been a big supporter of Life Drawing, and have been taking my students down to attend each and every Wednesday, year round for over 12 years now.  Costing adults 10 dollars, and students a mere 3, the drawing session goes from 6-9 and uses an undraped model.  If you were interested, or if you have students that may be, drop me a line as I am there every week.  For driving directions, etc. check out their website at

Arts Commission of Greater Toledo

If it's happening in the Toledo area and involves art, it's here!  This website is constantly being expanded to serve artists and those interested in art that live in and around Toledo.  Check out the calendar and try something new in Toledo!